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A fairytale wedding

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When a fairytale comes true...

… Especially the weddings are the highlights of our season! Unforgettable days of celebrating the freshly married couple! At this point we love to take the opportunity to tell you about one of the most impressive weddings, we’ve had in our castle!

From New York to Ireland, just six months darling…six years now

Laura and Daragh planned their wedding with us only by e-mail, while their wedding planner Rosanna ( was really helpful in organization. They came without family or friends, just the two main actors of this special day, September 6th 2012. As soon as they first stepped in our castle, it was clear: This is going to be a wedding, nobody will ever forget!

The bride’s feedback about their room, our Romeo&Juliet Suite:

"The Romeo and Juliet suite, which we had, was gorgeous for a wedding.  Alessandro (the photographer) commented it was the nicest room he had ever seen for a bride/wedding. The windows were gorgeous. I woke up early each morning to the sunrise directly out the window next to the bed.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  And the moon was perfectly positioned there as well.  There was even a little staircase off the sitting room, that went to nowhere but it had a window at the bottom of it and just fit with the whole castle fairy tale theme."

Here’s what she said about the wedding dinner:

"The food  was phenomenal. Best food of our entire 1 month trip!  They should have a Michelin Star.  Delicious. Every dish was so very good.  Even breakfast was great..the buffet was huge.  Such variety. Everything very fresh.  First course of dinner was a salad buffet which had so much variety you could nearly make it a meal in itself.  And our wedding dinner - best meal of my life.  The menu they put together was perfect and so us. And the ice cream? Daragh is still talking about!!"

Until now, this wedding is unforgettable for us, and we often talk about the couple, that decided to pass this special day with us, enjoying their selves and their special day.

Here some of the amazing Pictures by Alessandro Ghedina